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4 EVER prepeeling system

Instant result formula from Italian scientists allows you to get even brighter effect from BioRePeelCl3 procedure

4EVER is a set of professional care cosmetics for pre-treatment of the skin prior to peeling BioRePeelCl3.

The 4EVER line can also be combined with other aesthetic treatments where skin preparation is required.

4EVER works through mechanical, chemical and antioxidant action and allows a deeper penetration of the active ingredients contained in the peeling.

The 4EVER Line allows for a deeper penetration of the active ingredients in the peeling.

The complete set (box) consists of:

  • Micro-dermo abrasive lipogel with micronized spherical silica, almond oil, sacha inchi oil, sunflower oil
  • Charcoal and salicylic acid mask
  • Activator – used on lipogel and mask. Contains sodium ascorbyl phosphate (protected vitamin C), white mulberry extract, ruscus extract and phytic acid.

The benefits of the 4EVER procedure include:

  • Microdermabrasion – a painless way to get rid of “dead” skin cells
  • Skin Degreasing
  • Antioxidant effect on the skin

Salicylic Acid destroys the proteins of microbes on the skin – hence its antiseptic effect, dissolves grease and easily penetrates sebaceous plugs, destroying bacteria and cleansing the skin.

Salicylic acid is effective against C. acnes, the bacteria that causes acne.

Charcoal is a powerful ingredient in a three-level pre-peeling system, it removes excess sebum, regulates the PH – balance of the skin, has an antibacterial effect on the skin. Charcoal also delays the regeneration processes in the skin and slows down aging processes.

The procedure protocol consists of two parts:

  • First, apply lipogel and gently massage the skin to exfoliate it. Then apply an activator, which cleanses the skin and reduces sebum secretion
  • Apply a mask with charcoal and salicylic acid and leave for 5 minutes


  • Allergic reactions and intolerance to the components of the drug
  • Active infectious process in the area of application

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